Sponsors and Donors:
The Heartbeat of Jeopardy

For information about sponsoring or donating items to Jeopardy, please contact Mid-Valley Jeopardy at (818) 756-9802. 


The Board of Directors and the children of
Mid Valley “Balancing the Odds”
Jeopardy Foundation

would like to thank all of our sponsors
for the generous support in 2007.

Gelb Group “Creating and Building a Quality Community”
Infinity Air
Bob’s Big Boy
Ken Nagayama Martial Arts
Center BMW
Douglas Emmett Management
Van Nuys Womens Club
Mike’s Roofing
Anheuser Busch
Van Nuys World Airport
Syncro Aviation
Comerica Bank
Cal National Bank
Miller Auto
Keyes Motors 



    Giving back to the community is contagious, and the supporters of Mid-Valley Jeopardy are a prime example of this.

    Jeopardy has a number of sponsors who donate money -- as well as valuable time -- to support the program. Mike Quiroga, owner of Mike’s Roofing, is a long-time supporter of Jeopardy. He learned about the program through his eye doctor, Panorama City Optometrist Barry Leonard, who is Chairman of the Jeopardy Board of Directors. “Barry and Mike have known each other for years, and are in the Van Nuys Rotary Club together,” explains Karen Anderson, Office Manager of Mike’s. “Mike believes in helping kids out, particularly if it helps prevent them from joining gangs. He supports Jeopardy’s fund-raising events, helps with their roofing needs and donates money. He encourages other business owners to do the same.”

    Fund-raising events are also held during the year to raise money for Jeopardy. One of two primary events is a square dance and barbecue each spring, complete with a professional caller, lessons, food, beverages, beer and wine. “We have had corporate and private sponsors, and it’s lots of fun,” says Leonard.
“In the fall, we will have a ‘tip-a-cop’ event at a local restaurant, where Los Angeles Police Department officers will act as waiters, and the customers will give heavy tips to benefit Jeopardy,” adds Leonard. “This event is also lots of fun, provides good community relations and is supported by sponsors.”

    Though monetary support is always appreciated, there are many other ways community members and businesses can and do help further the work of Jeopardy. Pizzas and chicken wings are donated weekly by the local Pizza Hut restaurant, and used office furniture is donated by another local business. Equipment such as tables and chairs, chalkboards, art supplies, books, sporting equipment, computers, printers, video games, televisions, pens and pencils, notebooks, paper, board games, puzzles and magazines is also donated and needed.