Our Programs


While Jeopardy offers a wide variety of services and information, there are five key areas upon which the program focuses: Parenting Classes, Tutoring, Counseling, Field Trips and Boxing. Each of these concerns provides vital assistance in turning around at-risk youth.

Parenting Classes -- Utilizing a psycho-educational approach, these classes are 20-week, open courses that focus on providing life management tools designed to help families; teaching effective communication skills; fostering sensitivity to the child’s needs and feelings; creating discipline that works; and establishing the long-term benefits of parenting. In the Van Nuys facility, the classes are small (typically six to 10 participants) and are taught in Spanish.

Tutoring – Jeopardy offers tutoring on-site daily. Volunteers and LAPD officers serve as tutors, and children must finish homework before they are allowed to participate in any other activity. Tutoring, as with all other Jeopardy programs, is free, and is typically short term as needed by each student.

Counseling – Weekly counseling sessions are offered by a professional psychologist at the Jeopardy facility. The counseling is based upon the philosophy that children get into trouble for three main reasons: lack of self-esteem, lack of hope and a need for attention. Through one-on-one sessions, children are taught that they are unique, that their job is to be a student and to learn who they are, and that we can learn more from our mistakes than we can from our successes.

Field Trips -- Weekly excursions to a variety of destinations are offered to the students on a random basis depending upon interest. Trips to the beach, mountains, lakes or rivers are taken, as well as outings to swimming pools, museums, movie theaters and eye-opening destinations such as jails or prisons. Participants are also taken to other Jeopardy locations to play soccer, basketball, flag football or to spar. Jeopardy officers serve as escorts, and transportation is provided by the LAPD.

Boxing -- Jeopardy’s boxing program has been in existence for more than 10 years, with former world champion boxer Carlos Palamino serving as a trainer. There are currently about a dozen students in the boxing program, but the number varies from month to month. The program helps teach participants respect for others, discipline and humility, and some of the students go on to box competitively throughout the United States.