Does Jeopardy Work? Absolutely!

    Here are some comments from volunteers, students and parents about their experiences with the Jeopardy program:

“This is the only program out there that acts as a deterrent to these kids getting into gangs.”
-- Jules Baker, CEO of an event management firm, Jeopardy pioneer, co-founder and long-time president of the program

“I went from hanging around with the wrong crowd, getting into trouble with the law and my parents, and getting bad grades to becoming a straight-A student. New friends respect me for who I am, and I get along with my parents. I have a part-time job. I also won at boxing. I thank the Jeopardy officers and my coach for helping me out in changing.”
-- Miguel, 16-year-old former Jeopardy student

“When kids come here, they come in acting like the own the world. Boxing teaches them to respect people and it disciplines them. They come in and see how hard the kids are working, and it teaches them to be humble. Carlos (former world champion boxer Carlos Palamino, who helps with the training) is really great. He takes these kids to places they never thought they could go. I love the kids, and I feel good doing this for them.”
--Tony Villasenor, volunteer boxing coach since 1998

“I get better grades now and my mom doesn't bother me so much. We get along better now, and I have a lot of fun and new friends at Jeopardy.”
-- Jorge, 10

I heard Officer Ochoa talk about the dangers of gang violence at a Jeopardy gang presentation in the sixth grade. I didn’t listen, thinking it wasn’t going to happen to me. I got in trouble with the gangs, the law and my family. I came to the Jeopardy officers to get out and they helped me succeed in getting away from those guys (gangs.) I am still trying to get my life on track, and Jeopardy is helping me.”
--Maria, 15

After hearing the Jeopardy gang presentation, I decided not to go to my uncle’s house in Palmdale. He dresses me up like a gangster and we drive around in his low-rider.”

“My philosophy is that children get into trouble for three main reasons: lack of self-esteem, lack of hope and a need for attention, because negative attention is better than no attention. Also, children need to be informed that they are unique, that their job is to be a student and to learn who they are, and that we can learn more from our mistakes than we can from our successes. I gather information about the incident that led each of them to the Jeopardy program, their family circumstances and what they enjoy. I firmly believe that they all are dong the best they can, and it is my job to help them see how they can make changes in their behavior that will lead to positive outcomes.”
-- Sharon Gross, Ph.D., Jeopardy volunteer counselor

“Field trips are fun and exciting, and it’s cool to go with Officer Zepeda when he takes us.”
-- Angel, Jeopardy participant

“The field trips are awesome and cool!”
-- Germain, Jeopardy participant

“The parenting class creates an opportunity for parents to shift their attention to the needs of their children. By using a psycho-educational approach, this program focuses on the enhancement of the children’s ability to function within their families and how to improve the parental relationship to provide a nurturing, non-threatening home environment.(The small classes) provide opportunities for interaction among parents, practice of concepts and techniques learned, and individualized problem-solving.”
-- Veronica Ornelas, Marriage and Family Therapy counselor trainee, Jeopardy Parenting Class teacher