Field Trip  

Field Trips Offer Students
Fun, Education

    One important arm of the Jeopardy program is the wide variety of field trips scheduled. The trips are randomly planned depending upon the level of interest of the students and the availability of funds.
    The weekly excursions vary widely. Trips to the beach, mountains, lakes or rivers are taken, as well as outings to swimming pools, museums, movie theaters and eye-opening destinations such as jails or prisons. Participants are also taken to other Jeopardy locations to play soccer, basketball, flag football or to spar.
    “These trips are beneficial to the students in all kinds of ways,” says Officer Efrain Zepeda, who works full-time with the Van Nuys Jeopardy. “Most of these kids have never even left the city in which they live. These field trips provide the kids with a chance to experience something different.”
    Kids who participate in the trips are escorted by Jeopardy officers, and the students provide their own lunches. Transportation is provided in Los Angeles Police Department vehicles, including a van dedicated for use by Jeopardy.
    “Field trips are fun and exciting, and it’s cool to go with Officer Zepeda when he takes us,” says Angel, one enthusiastic Jeopardy participant.
    Germain, another participant, says, “The field trips are awesome and cool!”

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