Essential Help for At-Risk Kids

    A vital arm of the Jeopardy program is tutoring, which is offered at the Van Nuys facility throughout the school year.
    The days and times tutoring is offered varies depending upon schedules of the volunteer tutors, and the Jeopardy officers step in to help whenever they can. “Most of the kids would not receive this help anywhere else,” says Officer Efrain Zepeda. “We are not miracle workers, but it definitely helps.”
    Starting after 3 p.m. when school is out, Jeopardy students are required to finish homework before they are allowed to participate in the fun programs. Tutors, and computer labs, help with this. There are typically about 20 students who receive tutoring during any given school year, with an average of about three or four tutors. Some of the tutors are college students from Cal State Northridge who receive class credits for their work. Others return from year to year.
    Does tutoring help? Absolutely. “I am failing school, and I need the tutoring that is being offered here to help me pass my classes,” says 15-year-old Jeopardy participant Germain. Another l5-year-old, Angel, adds this, “I have good grades, and receiving the tutoring is really fun. I enjoy the tutors’ company.”